Actor Abe Vigoda Left Out Of Oscar ‘In Memoriam Tribute’


Family, friends, and fans are livid over the academy’s decision to omit Abe Vigota from the “in memoriam” tribute during last night’s Oscars.

Abraham Charles “Abe” Vigoda, actor, comedian, and father died January 26th 2016 at the age of 94.

Abe Vigoda, best known for his role in The Godfather, began his career in theater, performing on broadway in the 1960’s, and going on to be in some of the most influential films of all time.

In 1982 People magazine accidentally referred to Abe as ‘the late Abe Vigoda’, mistakenly implying the actor was dead.  This mistake was taken in wonderful humour by Vigoda, and it lead to a running gag used by the comedian for many years.

The academy has responded to the issue by saying Abe was not included in the famous tribute because he passed so late in the year, dying on January 26th, however Alan Rickman, who died on January 14th was included.

Our thoughts go out to Abe Vigoda’s family & friends.

Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer