New Evidence Discovered In OJ Simpson Case

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Forget about the glove, what’s going on with this knife?

LAPD has confirmed that there is a new piece of evidence in the OJ trial: a knife that was found buried under the Simpson estate.

The knife has been identified as a ‘folding buck knife’, a tool typically used for hunting, but which could definitely be used as a murder weapon.

The timeline becomes inconsistent from story to story, but the concensus is that the knife was first discovered years ago, possibly as long ago as 1998, by a construction worker, who gave it to a nearby off-duty cop. The cop, who remains nameless at this time,then decided to keep the knife as a souvenir, only admitting he had it recently, when he was looking to get it engraved with the official case number.

Officials were mortified that the officer had decided to keep this potentially damning evidence to himself, but have not pressed any charges against him at this time.
It has not been confirmed whether this new evidence could lead to a conviction, but the knife is being tested for blood and DNA of Nicole Brown Simpson and Orenthal James Simpson.


Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer