Kanye West Hitches A Ride With The Paparazzi, Ditches Uber

Saving money? Recently, a paparazzi offered the rapper a ride when discovering Kanye wasn’t able to find the Uber car he had ordered.

The photographer said he would take Kanye wherever he needed or wanted to go and oddly enough Yeezus accepted.

Once in the car and revealing where he wished to go, he kindly asked the paparazzi to stop filming.

Interested in seeing the entire thing play out? See it for yourself.



Kanye West Desperately Wants People To Know He Does Care!

Kanye West has once again taken to the Twittersphere, but surprisingly NOT to rant. On Sunday, the rapper infamous for his public Twitter rants took a turn to let all his followers know that he does, honestly care.

Kanye West has been an open book with his emotions on Twitter which was caused a lot of controversy.

His most recent tweets discussed that he cares, he ‘believes in us’ and that as human beings we ‘can create a Utopia’.

The short lived Twitter speech ended quickly when he switched gears as Kanye asked in a tweet, “Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot”.

Well at least this was on of the less aggressive Tweet sessions the rapper has had lately.

We all await his next Twitter explosion.

Kanye West Does Have Real Friends?

The latest song that Kanye West has released is entitled Real Friends. Also, there is a slight teaser of a song featuring Kendrick Lamar called No More Parties in LA.

Fans are excited at the announcement that Kanye will be releasing a new song every Friday prior to his next album Swish that’s coming out.

The release date for Swish is still unknown.