DRAMA ALERT: John Goodman To ‘Never Speak To’ Kristen Wiig Again!

John Goodman is one of the greats in the acting world, which would have most of us guessing he’s not one to get starstruck often. When it comes to Kristen Wiig, however, it would seem he is quite the fan!

What could possibly have happened after an apparently bad encounter at a party that could change how he feels about Wiig? Perhaps wanting him to never talk to her again?

After an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, John Goodman admits that he walked up to her in the middle of a conversation to say hi and she apparently turned to John and asked him to wait a minute. Goodman admits to being very embarrassed about the entire situation.

Too cute if you ask us! Someone as legendary as Goodman getting starstruck is really hard to imagine!