Frank Sinatra Jr Dies At Age 72

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Francis Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra, AKA Frank Sinatra Jr., son of the late Frank Sinatra, died yesterday, March 16th 2016 of a heart attack.

Being the son of such an iconic entertainer, Frank Jr was famous for most of his life, and even became a well known musician, becoming a singer, songwriter and conductor.

Although Frank Sinatra Jr’s career was never as successful as his legendary father’s, Frank Jr. always remained proud of his family’s success, and understanding of the changing style of popular music. “I was trying to sell antiques to a modern appliance store.”

Frank Jr. will be missed by family, friends, and fans alike, and will be fondly remembered for his contributions to music.

Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer


Dr. Luke Denies Being Fired By Sony



Rumours broke yesterday that Sony Music ended their relationship with producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald AKA Dr. Luke, presumably over his alleged rape and abuse of Kesha.

The public has been outraged ever since the preliminary injunction was denied last month, leaving Kesha stuck in her contract with Sony Music, and forcing her to work Dr. Luke.

The #FreeKesha movement has been supported by millions of people, fans, and even several celebrities including Taylor Swift & Demi Lovato.

Social media was full of rejoice yesterday when the story broke that Dr. Luke had been fired by Sony, but Dr. Luke has been quick to shut down that story, claiming he has not been let go.

Dr. Luke continues to claim that Kesha, Kesha’s mother, and Kesha’s representation are fabricating these claims to slander his character and get her out of her contract.

Amid all sorts of confusing allegations & rumours, one thing is for sure: the whole truth of the relationship between Kesha & Dr. Luke has yet to be revealed.

Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer