Is Zayn Malik’s New Single A Dig At Former Band One Direction?

Zayn Malik has been dropping a bunch of singles lately to go along with the highly anticipated debut solo album by him entitled Mind of Mine.

Zayn released his newest track entitle BeFoUr on Thursday having some fans speculating whether or not the song was taking a dig at his former band One Direction. The purposefully misspelled title doesn’t help.

Give the song a few listens and judge for yourself.

We can certainly see why some may believe it is indeed about One Direction.


Kanye West Hitches A Ride With The Paparazzi, Ditches Uber

Saving money? Recently, a paparazzi offered the rapper a ride when discovering Kanye wasn’t able to find the Uber car he had ordered.

The photographer said he would take Kanye wherever he needed or wanted to go and oddly enough Yeezus accepted.

Once in the car and revealing where he wished to go, he kindly asked the paparazzi to stop filming.

Interested in seeing the entire thing play out? See it for yourself.

Kanye West Desperately Wants People To Know He Does Care!

Kanye West has once again taken to the Twittersphere, but surprisingly NOT to rant. On Sunday, the rapper infamous for his public Twitter rants took a turn to let all his followers know that he does, honestly care.

Kanye West has been an open book with his emotions on Twitter which was caused a lot of controversy.

His most recent tweets discussed that he cares, he ‘believes in us’ and that as human beings we ‘can create a Utopia’.

The short lived Twitter speech ended quickly when he switched gears as Kanye asked in a tweet, “Steve Ballmer can I please redesign the Clippers mascot”.

Well at least this was on of the less aggressive Tweet sessions the rapper has had lately.

We all await his next Twitter explosion.

Gwen Stefani’s Newest Song Is All For Blake Shelton

We all know about the celebrity, singing lovebirds, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been pretty public about their love for each other.

They take things even further with PDA in Gwen Stefani’s newest song release entitled Misery. It seems very likely that this song was inspired by and written for the country singer Blake Shelton.

The chorus of the song goes:

“You’re like drugs to me/I’m so into you totally. So put me out of my misery/Hurry up, come see me/Enough, enough of this suffering.”

Blake tweeted out that the new song is “so awesome…” So we know his thoughts on the new hit.

Listen yourself and let us know your thoughts!


DRAMA ALERT: John Goodman To ‘Never Speak To’ Kristen Wiig Again!

John Goodman is one of the greats in the acting world, which would have most of us guessing he’s not one to get starstruck often. When it comes to Kristen Wiig, however, it would seem he is quite the fan!

What could possibly have happened after an apparently bad encounter at a party that could change how he feels about Wiig? Perhaps wanting him to never talk to her again?

After an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, John Goodman admits that he walked up to her in the middle of a conversation to say hi and she apparently turned to John and asked him to wait a minute. Goodman admits to being very embarrassed about the entire situation.

Too cute if you ask us! Someone as legendary as Goodman getting starstruck is really hard to imagine!

Kim Kardashian Admits To Wearing Brace After Throwing Out Her Back

Fans of Kim Kardashian can picture the star’s infamous ‘ugly cry’ after she admits to throwing out her back and now having to wear a brace because of this reason.

The reason of the injury is still yet to be confirmed in regards to the initial cause.

Kim has also taken her ‘bed-ridden’ time to share with fans that she’s ready to appear in another one of Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories and spends her current days watching North West and getting some entertainment from her daughter that way.

The First Trailer For The New Ghostbusters Is Finally Here!

The trailer you’ve all been waiting to see! The new Ghostbusters starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

This all-female reboot is in theaters July 15th 2016!

See the trailer for yourself below!

Andy Samberg Announces The Title Of His Top Secret Lonely Island Film Coming Out!

Andy Samberg stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night and talked about his new comedy that was completely top secret. He further mentions that the new film is written by him and the other Lonely Island members Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer.

The film is being produced with Judd Apatow and is entitled Never Stop Never Stopping and will also star Maya Rudolph and Sarah Silverman.

The idea of the film will be about a pop/rap star that is going downhill after the release and flop of his second album, making him question the idea of getting back together with his boy band.

Watch the interview of Andy Samberg and Jimmy Kimmel below!

Emma Watson Admitting To Spending A Lot Of Money Subscribing To A Website On Tips For Improving Sex Life

Emma Watson has admitted that she is currently subscribed to This is a website aimed at showing scientific elements that assist people in being better in bed.

The subscription costs around $59 and puts a lot of money (somewhere in the millions) towards research on female sexual pleasure.

The young actress has also mentioned that she will be taking a year off of acting in order to focus on her own personal growth along with feminism.

Snooki Admits The Reason She Isn’t In Rehab Because Of Her Children

Recently Snooki, former Jersey Shore star, has mentioned she is extremely thankful for her children Giovanna Marie and Lorenzo Dominic.

Snooki believes if it weren’t for her children she would most likely be in rehab today if it weren’t for her becoming a mother to her daughter and son.

The young celebrity, during her Jersey Shore days, had been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct and infamously known for blacking out on the show and constantly being in a drunken state.

Snooki stood up to the challenge of motherhood and decided to get rid of her ‘bad habits’ and be a better person for her children.

Keep up the great work Snooki we are rooting for you.