Frank Sinatra Jr Dies At Age 72

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Francis Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra, AKA Frank Sinatra Jr., son of the late Frank Sinatra, died yesterday, March 16th 2016 of a heart attack.

Being the son of such an iconic entertainer, Frank Jr was famous for most of his life, and even became a well known musician, becoming a singer, songwriter and conductor.

Although Frank Sinatra Jr’s career was never as successful as his legendary father’s, Frank Jr. always remained proud of his family’s success, and understanding of the changing style of popular music. “I was trying to sell antiques to a modern appliance store.”

Frank Jr. will be missed by family, friends, and fans alike, and will be fondly remembered for his contributions to music.

Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer


Dr. Luke Denies Being Fired By Sony



Rumours broke yesterday that Sony Music ended their relationship with producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald AKA Dr. Luke, presumably over his alleged rape and abuse of Kesha.

The public has been outraged ever since the preliminary injunction was denied last month, leaving Kesha stuck in her contract with Sony Music, and forcing her to work Dr. Luke.

The #FreeKesha movement has been supported by millions of people, fans, and even several celebrities including Taylor Swift & Demi Lovato.

Social media was full of rejoice yesterday when the story broke that Dr. Luke had been fired by Sony, but Dr. Luke has been quick to shut down that story, claiming he has not been let go.

Dr. Luke continues to claim that Kesha, Kesha’s mother, and Kesha’s representation are fabricating these claims to slander his character and get her out of her contract.

Amid all sorts of confusing allegations & rumours, one thing is for sure: the whole truth of the relationship between Kesha & Dr. Luke has yet to be revealed.

Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer


Kim Kardashian Admits To Wearing Brace After Throwing Out Her Back

Fans of Kim Kardashian can picture the star’s infamous ‘ugly cry’ after she admits to throwing out her back and now having to wear a brace because of this reason.

The reason of the injury is still yet to be confirmed in regards to the initial cause.

Kim has also taken her ‘bed-ridden’ time to share with fans that she’s ready to appear in another one of Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories and spends her current days watching North West and getting some entertainment from her daughter that way.

New Evidence Discovered In OJ Simpson Case

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Forget about the glove, what’s going on with this knife?

LAPD has confirmed that there is a new piece of evidence in the OJ trial: a knife that was found buried under the Simpson estate.

The knife has been identified as a ‘folding buck knife’, a tool typically used for hunting, but which could definitely be used as a murder weapon.

The timeline becomes inconsistent from story to story, but the concensus is that the knife was first discovered years ago, possibly as long ago as 1998, by a construction worker, who gave it to a nearby off-duty cop. The cop, who remains nameless at this time,then decided to keep the knife as a souvenir, only admitting he had it recently, when he was looking to get it engraved with the official case number.

Officials were mortified that the officer had decided to keep this potentially damning evidence to himself, but have not pressed any charges against him at this time.
It has not been confirmed whether this new evidence could lead to a conviction, but the knife is being tested for blood and DNA of Nicole Brown Simpson and Orenthal James Simpson.


Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer

Manny Pacquiano’s Anti Gay Comments Hint At Nike Deal Collapse

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Filipino boxing Champion Manny Pacquiano made news this week when Nike dropped hints indicating they would be ending their relationship with Pacquiano as spokesperson for their brand.

The speculations came after Pacquiano made yet another anti-gay comment, one which is so far beyond reconciling it’s caused Nike to reconsider Manny as a role model, and potentially ending his  multi million dollar deal.

The drop has neither been confirmed or denied by Pacquiano’s rep, or Nike, but every trace of Manny has been removed from the online store, so….it doesn’t look good.


Katherine Krozonouski

Celebrity Fastcard Writer

Beyoncé Releases 14 New Music Videos

A few days ago, Beyonce stirred up the internet with her new music video for 7/11. We are still not sure what to think about it, as are many other people. It seems to be shot with a phone and is comprised mainly of Bey dancing around many hotel rooms in her panties (but we can’t complain). It’s edited really well, and just keeps your eyes glued to the screen, so she must have done something right. Check it out for yourself

The video was apparently inspired by Gab Valenciano, whose videos feature quick editing and fancy dance moves. This is what he wrote on Facebook last saturday:

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Just hours ago, Bey released 13 more music videos to her ‘Platinum Edition’ Album that you can check out here: Beyonce Vevo

Our favourite, is her Frank Ocean collaboration of “Superpower”, which displays stunning visuals, cinematography and cameos by celebrities like Pharrell Williams (who produced the track) and her Destiny’s Child sisters, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

‘Platinum Edition’ has sold over 5 million copies worldwide and has been repackaged, just in time for the holidays 😉 Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos


More Attention Toward Kylie Jenner’s Mouth, But This Time, For A Different Reason…

For the past few months, there had been speculations that Kylie Jenner had gotten lip injections, after she started posting Instagram pictures that seemingly made her lips look fuller. But for this 17 year old celebrity, lip injections seems a little too preposterous.

kylie celebfc

There have been countless times where Kylie has denied the rumors, and stated that she loves to play with makeup and likes to ‘Over-line’ her lips.  We think it looks great, Kylie!


Last night, however, she attracted a lot of attention for other reasons. Kylie showed up to the AMA’s in a gorgeous burgundy silk gown with a plunging neckline and a very high sexy slit by Alexandre Vauthier. She paired this with burgundy nails and a bold burgundy lip.


But it was when she opened her mouth, that something caught everyones eye. Kylie sported a gold grill, like the one we have seen on her Instagram posts back in 2013. She said they were ‘Khloe inspired’ and she just pops them out when she gets home.

kylie jenner grillz celebfc

It’s no surprise that the Kardashian family will always turn heads, but we can always count on Kylie to make a bold fashion statement that will get everyones attention and still keep it classy.

Lorde Defends BFF, Taylor Swift in Diplo Drama

There was buzz around Diplo last week, when he tweeted about Taylor swift needing a bigger booty. Lorde replied to diplo saying “Should we do something about your tiny penis while we’re at it hm.”

lorde dip celebfc

Don’t worry though, these celebs are old friends. She calls him her “Big brother” since he was one of her very first industry friends. But even then, Lorde doesn’t stand for body-shaming remarks, especially toward one of her best friends, so she had to do something to put him back in his place.

Lorde and Diplo seem to have shaken off the incident, after Diplo tweeted Lorde asking her if she would see Mokingjay – Part 1 with him this weekend. Although he still hasn’t apologized to Taylor, we’re sure she is too busy with her album release to have even really cared.


Does Miley Have A New BF?

The LA actor, Patrick Schwarzenegger is now Miley’s man candy! But who is he?


Patrick has dated many young celebs including Singer, Taylor swift and Actress, AJ Michalka. You might know Patrick from playing in movies like ‘Grown Ups 2’ and ‘Stuck in Love’. But we love him because he is the co-founder of a hip modern clothing company called “Project 360”, that donates a portion of its proceeds to worthy charities. It seems him and Cyrus both love their charities, like her last stunt at the VMA’s where she apparently raised $200,000 for homeless youth.

arnold celebFC

We think they are pretty adorable. What do you guys think about this power couple?


We are so excited to see a new track from Olly Murs! This time he teamed up with Travie McCoy to produce this catchy new single. ‘Wrapped Up’ is Olly’s lead single from his new album ‘Never Been Better’ which you can pre order now at

He recently released a great dance-heavy music video that has got us ‘Wrapped up’ in Olly’s dancefloor skills. We actually got to see some of his moves when he visited us on the celebFC set!

If those dance moves impressed you… we think you’re in for a treat. Check out the new music video for ‘Wrapped Up’ below 🙂


Olly will embark on a new UK tour in 2015!