NeYo Joins Up with Coke Studio Africa for a Performance!

Last week Neyo posted an Instagram announcing, “Excited to be on the #CokeStudioAfrica stage with Africa’s finest! #KOT #UOT and #NAIJA, are you ready??? @CocacolaAfrica @CocaCola_NG #NONFICTION2015”

Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 11.57.01 AM

Coke Studio Africa posted an Instagram shortly after of Neyo and the flight attendants from Kenya Airways. Neyo regrammed the shot saying “Just landed in Africa! Shoutout to #KenyaAirways for a smooth flight #NONFICTION2015 #CokeStudioAfrica”

Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 11.56.48 AM

So far – this is all the coverage we can find on the event. Check back soon for more details and reviews on how Neyo did!


Sammi Sweetheart Starts a Podcast Just Sayin’ (with Clare Galterio and Siggy Flicker).


Just Sayin’ was launched on August 8th 2015 and now has two episodes out on iTunes. So far… it’s been a huge success – many reviewers are saying they are pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to hear more from the 3 women. The customer ratings give it at 4.5/5 – awesome work Sammi!

iTunes describe the podcast “Welcome to Just Sayin’, home of the realest relationship talk in podcasting! Hosted by the Jersey Shore’s Sammi Sweetheart, relationship expert Siggy Flicker and TV host Clare Galterio, Just Sayin’ features the type of honest and hilarious talk you’re only used to getting from your closest friends. Join the ladies every week as they dish over the latest developments in their own lives, as well as share their takes on the hottest celebrity gossip.”

You can listen to Just Sayin’ for free on iTunes – so what are you waiting for? Support these ladies and give it a try!

Sammi Sweetheart Starts Sweetheart Styles Clothing Line!

Sammi Sweetheart has been laying low since her days of Jersey Shore but now we know what the J-Shore star has been up to… Sweetheart Styles Clothing Line! Sammi has been posted vigorously on her Instagram outfit ideas using her pieces from her line. (See below)

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The clothing line offers tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear and accessories all of which are targeted towards young women with a flirty, girly style – just like Sammi! Sammi also posts Instagrams of herself wearing pieces from the clothing line. (See below)


One Direction Blows the Roof Off of the Rogers Centre in Toronto!

one-direction-800One Direction proved to their Toronto fans last week that they sound just as good as a group of four pop singers.

Performing at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, August 20th 2015 – their first performance in Toronto without their fifth singer Zayn Malik, the four pop singers sounded just as good, if not better without the abandoned ship.

Critics say there were a few flat notes in song such as “No Control” and “Diana” but the fans didn’t seem to mind, the mainly female 40,000 fans were still just as excited for the group. The fans cheered the boys on as they performed each song, screaming at the top of their lungs for whenever the group asked them to.

One Direction performed 25 songs over at 2-hour period at the Rogers Centre. All the songs added up to a great night for the 40,000 fans in the audience and reassured One Direction they are headed in the right direction.